What is a micro herb?

Micro-herbs otherwise known as Microgeens, are edible greens produced from vegetables, herbs or other plants. They are sprouted seeds in the 1st stage of growth just before the “true” leaf appears. Generally between 2 and 5cm in height when used (this can vary depending on the variety). Although Micro-herbs are not fully grown their flavour can be quite intense compared to their delicate leafage and appearance. Micro-greens have become common place in fine dining restaurants, used to enhance the visual appearance of a dish.

What quality controls do you have in place at B&B Basil?

B&B Basil uses the Freshcare quality assurance program which monitors the farm practices. The quality and life of the herbs are monitored from seed to sale. We work closely with our seed companies and never use seeds that are treated. You can find more information on Freshcare here.

How do your products come packaged?

Our herbs come living in a pot or punnet to maximise freshness. Depending on your areas shipping requirements there are a variety of methods we use to package the herbs. Each herb is placed in either a plastic sleeve or sealed punnet to protect their delicate leaves. Our potting mediums also hold moisture and allow the herb to arrive fresh.

What is the medium the herbs grow in?

We grow our herbs in mediums that allow the herb to have the optimum growing potential, these soilless mixes are composed of pine bark and peatmoss or perlite and vermiculite. We have done lots of experimenting to make sure each herb is best suited to its selected medium.

Will these products make it through my countries customs?

Yes. Our potting mediums meet national and international import/export standards. Synthetic potting mix also reduces the weight of the packaged product allowing for lightweight transporting.

Are your herbs organic?

Although we are not certified organic, we do understand the need for farms to be environmentally conscious. As our Microgreens are so young they do not attract pests like a mature crop would. We also grow our herbs hydroponically indoors which mean we can control their environment to keep the best quality product all year round. we avoid using chemicals wherever possible. For more information please feel free to contact us.

How do I keep Microgreens?

Microherbs are living herbs so you don’t need to put them in the fridge. They will last with some indirect light and if you keep the pot moist, however, they are made to be enjoyed, so cut them off as you need and be surprised by their full flavour and ability to take the visual appearance of your food to the next level.